Women Empowerment


Acting towards the cause, HCCI has funded a project for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls in Boddu Chinthalapally village, in Warangal district of Telangana State. This village is situated about 150 KM from Hyderabad

With the help of the funds, a resource center with a library, computer lab offering basic computer and English classes is set up. There is a coordinator appointed at the resource center who guides them to stand up for their rights, importance of hygiene, and to voice their opinion against old customs like child marriage etc. They are also taught how to communicate their needs to the district collector. In addition there are 3 trainers covering the areas of Computer, English and Vocational training of sewing. The girls are also taught to be empowered with leadership skills.

Recently, the CSR committee members including Charles and Navaneet visited this school on August 7. They spent more than couple of hours to understand the initiative on Women Empowerment and see how well the support from HCCI has worked out. The visit to the resources center in the village was an overwhelming experience and the committee members were given a warm welcome by the participating girls.

They shared their experiences about the program and how it has transformed their lives. Parents of the girl students and the village Sarpanch shared their thoughts, expressed their gratitude to everyone for running this program and requested to continue doing the good work. Panchayat members, trainers along with the Tharuni coordinator attended the meeting actively. Charles and Navaneet spoke to the girls and planted trees near the resource center within the school premises and addressed the gathering (translated with the help of HCCI CSR committee members).