TSKT 1550


TSKT1550 – SmartPlant 3D Drawings Revision 2D Editor Training

What will the course cover?

This course demonstrates how to use SmartSketch® Drawing Editor to revise and edit documents generated with the SmartPlant® 3D Drawings and Reports task. The class will cover SmartSketch Drawing Editor basics, such as the drawing environment, document concepts, creation and modification tools, as well as best techniques, practices, and tips for working with documents generated with the SmartPlant 3D Drawings task. This course is taught using SmartSketch Drawing Editor in disconnected mode (the application is invoked outside of the SmartPlant 3D environment).

What are the major topics covered?

  • Differences between SmartSketch and SmartSketch Drawing Editor
  • Drawing Environment – Toolbars and Ribbon Bars
  • Symbol Explorer
  • Drawings Files vs. SmartSketch Files
  • Documents, Sheets, and Layers
  • Creating and Modifying Styles
  • Creating Graphics
  • Drawing with PinPoint
  • Selecting, Finding, and Modifying Graphics
  • Dimensioning and Measurement Tools
  • Text and Annotations
  • Basic Symbol Creation
  • Support Utilities Pack
  • Drawings Revision Workflow
  • Editing and Drawing Tips

Who should attend?

For people interested in customizing the report templates etc

What are the prerequisites for attending this course?


How long is the course?

This is a 3 day course held at Hexagon Capability Center India, Hyderabad