HCCI has been instrumental in creating information technologies that drive dynamic decision making across industrial and geospatial applications.

An IT company in India with rich history of more than 25-years, has become a value-add partner to the Hexagon group, providing a competitive advantage to the overall enterprise.

With the most advanced design, measurement and visualization technologies, HCCI has been shaping smart innovation around the globe. HCCI has been thriving for change and in the bid, reinventing itself. The old days of bug fixes and patches of development have given way to a full-blown cycle of product management, user experience, design, development, technical writing, quality assurance, services and support. The teams at HCCI have ownership, which implies a great deal of all- around development for individuals and the opportunity of going deep into the dual worlds of domain and technology.

We look forward to working with people who are motivated and innovative. Come join us in shaping smart change.