Campus Champion

Campus Champion promises to choose and recognize the best talent from the campuses around the country.

We believe in fostering long term relationship with anyone and everyone we come across, be it customer,
employees or colleges where we go hunting for new talents. In one such bid to establish a mutually benefitting long term relationship, we have recently launched a program called Campus Champion. To champion this program, the organization has identified six key leaders, who would be in-charge of one campus each. This program plans to run in six campuses selected from the length and breadth of the country. For forging a continuing symbiotic bond, this program calls for campus visits on a regular basis to participate in the recruitment drives to hire interns and prospective employees. In turn, the colleges can also visit our organization when there is an event or conference of sorts talking about work process, latest trends, innovation etc., which can be beneficial in their learning process.
Students hired as interns are given a project for a period of two to six month. The topic for which is vetted and agreed upon by professors of the respective universities/colleges and the leaders of the organization, with an aim that it is conjointly advantageous for the students as well as to the organization. During the project they are closely monitored by their mentors and by the end of it are given a report on their completion of the task, creativity and overall performance. Exceptional candidates hold a chance to be absorbed into the workforce for their remarkable contribution during the internship period

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